"I love my 'new' eyes!  I think about all the time I spent applying and re-applying eyeliner through the years when I could have just awakened made up!  Thank you, again."

Eyeliner - Upper AND Lower                                                               
Eyeliner - Upper OR Lower                                       
Lip Liner                                                                
Full Lip Color                                                       
Areola Repigmentation (per breast)                                                                      
Scar Camouflage (per half hour)                                  
Beauty Mark                                                             
Patch Test                                                            
A patch test is helpful for clients who are concerned with allergic reactions to pigment or to check for a color match, such as in scar camouflage. This fee will be applied toward the scheduled procedure. Permanent cosmetics is the answer for those with allergies to over-the-counter cosmetics. 
Color Boost                                                             
All clients are given healing ointment after their procedure, as well as post-treatment instructions.  A free touch-up is included with all new procedures. If additional enhancement is desired after a color boost, there will be a $50.00 fee to defer the cost of supplies. For more detailed information, please read the FAQ's listed on the "Procedures" page.
"This has to be the best thing I've ever done for myself and the best money I've ever spent."                                                                                                   
J. W., Dyer, TN
B. C., Wauchula, FL
P. M., Dyersburg, TN
"I am a teacher and the idea of waking-up made-up makes everything go easy in the mornings. I was thoroughly pleased with my "Wake-up Made-up" appointment. Kathy was wonderful, friendly, and knowledgeable. She made my make-up experience "fun". The application worked wonders. It has made my life easier."
"My mother at the age of 79 wanted to get me something for Christmas, and when she saw Kathy's article in the paper she knew what she was going to get me. I was 50 years of age and so I was really excited about getting my eyes done - top & bottom eye liner done. My mother also got her's done, too. Kathy was so good & it made our trip so exciting. This was our time to do something together & we loved every minute of it. We have had so many compliments on our eyes, and some people can't believe we really did it. It wasn't a painful experience and our faces really lit up with the eyeliner and we never have to do our eyes anymore. Kathy made the whole experience worthwhile. We can tell anybody that it is something we would do over and over again with no questions asked. We are both very proud of it." 
V. R., Darden, TN
(Mother) J. G., Decaturville, TN
"I had a wonderful experience with Kathy. She is very professional with a bubbly personality. Her work is excellent. I have been two times to have work done and could not be happier with the results."
L. B., Oakfield, TN
B. L., Humboldt, TN
"I'm fair complected with small, sensitive eyes. Makeup would irritate my eyes - no more. Kathy's procedures are not painful - she's very careful to keep you comfortable. Not like others I've heard from. Best makeup money I've ever spent!  
I recommend her often."
"This is the greatest thing since sliced bread! I only wish I had done it sooner. Try it, you will be so glad you did!"
P.S. "I will be calling you soon for a touchup!"
R. C., Humboldt, TN
The sun, and sometimes medications, may cause the color of your procedure to fade. A color boost can be done to renew your color and allow your procedure to look freshly done. 
"I guess now instead of sisters getting their hair done together,  we can get our eyes done, too. I love mine they look like me......... take care and thanks alot."
B. G., Paris, TN
"Kathy, Thanks again for all your help. I love it more and more everyday. You will not believe I went to church last Wed night with just your art work!! Loving it!!!"                                                                                          
K. M., Dyer, TN

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